International Open Data Day HOT Mapathon in Finland - 2018

Data created on 3rd of March 2018 from 10:00 to 23:43 (Finnish winter time).

Some statistics for our contributions on the #4118 - Tanzania Development Trust: Sawida District task.

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Map of the Created Objects



Buildings, total count

Roads and Paths

Primary roads created, length
Secondary roads created, length
Tertiary roads created, length
Unclassified roads created, length
Residential roads created, length
Service roads created, length
Tracks created, length
Paths created, length
Footways created, length
(*) Other roads created, length
Roads created, total length
Primary roads, count
Secondary roads, count
Tertiary roads, count
Unclassified roads, count
Residential roads, count
Service roads, count
Tracks, count
Paths, count
Footways created, count
(*) Other roads created, count
Roads and paths, total count

(*) Other roads means ways that were tagged highway=road, highway=motorway, highway=trunk or highway=living_street. See the OSM Highway Tag Africa wiki page and the highway tagging wiki page for more information on the types.