Mapping is fun! No? Yes!

Tampere Liki 3D

Map for collecting ideas considering elderly people

Heatmap of YÖ-Rogaining Tampere, 2015

Heatmap of the visits at the control points

Tamperelaisen paikkatilasto

Exploring open data released by city of Tampere

HOTOSM Projects Globe

Presenting some humanitarian mapping projects on 3D globe

Noise pollution at Tampere

Noise pollution heat map based on Tampere open data for years 2012 and 2030

Trying out Mapsheet.js

Showing Google sheets data on a map

Translated QGIS XML Layer Files

Some QGIS XML files from the Finns det Öppna Data i Sverige? (can one find open data in Sweden) blog post by Klas Karlsson that have layer names translated to English: